Municipal Waste Composting in the City of Lilongwe (PIN)

The project will involve collection and aerobic composting of municipal waste.

    The project will involve collection of municipal wastes, pit and septic tank emptying in the city using appropriate trucks and equipment and brought to central locations for aerobic composting at two plants placed strategically. The wastes will be weighed and sorted at reception to remove all non organic materials. Organic waste will then be weighed again, wetted with water and put in windrows after for composting. Mechanical equipment will be used to turn the wetted wastes to mix and also create aerobic conditions to avoid generation of methane and other gases. Moisture content and temperature of the wastes will be monitored to create conducive environment for aerobic decomposition.

    Project facts

    Country:  Malawi

    Project Type:  Composting

    Project size:  Small scale


    Status:  PIN

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