Rural Electrification and energisation in Malawi and Mozambique (PIN)

The PoA aims at supplying electricity and energy in off-grid areas. Sources will mainly be solar, biomass and hydro.

    The PoA will cover electrification and energisation of in off-grid areas in Malawi and Mozambique. The pilot CPA will be a district in Malawi. The supply of energy will mainly be to households, dispensaries, health centers, schools, kindergartens, small market areas including grinding mills, village street lighting, water supply and also the development of local business especially in the agricultural sector The new renewable energy will mainly be solar, biomass and hydro.

    Project facts

    Country:  Malawi and Mozambique

    Project Type:  Energy supply

    Project size:  PoA

    CERs/Year:  38,000 - 100,000


    Status:  PIN

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