Electrification through grid-extension in Malawi (PIN/PDD)

The project will increase access to sustainable energy services through extension of the national grid to areas that do not have access to electricity.

Programme of Activities Document (PoA-DD)

Component Project Activities Design Document (CPA-DD)

    The project is addressing electricity supply in areas which are yet not covered by the national grid, but will be covered through this project. The purpose is to contribute to sustainable and a green growth development in Malawi through the implementation of a stable, long-term and viable extension of the electricity distribution systems. The project will address different consumer groups, for instance households, schools, enterprises and so on. The new consumers will be designated as either households (Type-I consumers) or non-households (Type-II consumers). Grid-extension should only be one of many directions which should be promoted in Malawi. The general increase in electricity production should also be a focus, but it will not be covered by this project.

    Project facts

    Country:  Malawi

    Project Type:  Electrification

    Project size:  PoA

    CERs/Year:  6,300

    Contact:  Pedersenm(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Status:  Seeking validation

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