Nkhotakota Geothermal Power Project (PIN)

The project aims at generating about 30 MW of electricity from geothermal wells in Nkhotakota.

    The project will involve the exploration drilling and installation three 14MW generators in the first phase. It is expected that there shall be three production wells of maximum depth 1500m with flows of 270kg/s to 500kg/s and a temperature range of 165 oC – 185 oC. The plant will be able to generate about 30 MW of electricity. The area will be within 7 km radius from Nkhotakota District Headquarters. The project will include the hiring of drilling rigs and experts from Geothermal Development Company of Kenya. The Kenyan experts will be working together with Malawian staff to build the local capacity in the field.

    Project facts

    Country:  Malawi

    Project Type:  Geothermal

    Project size:  Large scale

    CERs/Year:  205,530


    Status:  PIN

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